Wednesday, July 14, 2010


“I am part of Tibolt’s clan. A creature of the night. I wash myself in the shining sun and dance with joy in the glittering moonlight. I am loyal to a fault and sing in the midnight hours. I AM WOLF…” Alaynee said out loud to the pack.

I AM WOLF is a story about natural werewolves versus unnatural werewolves. In Sisters Oregon there is a small group of Native American;s called the Founding Five. They were given the wolf gene as a gift in order to maintain the balance and way of life because of a demon who walked the earth and took advantage of a young woman by posessing her husband. Since that time, the gene has been passed on to the children that followed.

Jonah, a young man in his teens is sent to Sisters Oregon because of a change he is going through. For the most part, Jonah is unaware of his heritage and ability to become a wolf. When he gets there, he meets the rest of the pack. Alaynee, his best friend's sister is put in danger one night. Jonah changes into the wolf and saves her from the intruder. During the scuffle, he accidentally bites the man, and creates an unnatural. Now, Jonah must learn to control his new found abilities and help lead the pack to the unnatural so they can destroy it.

Come see the first chapter of my exciting new novel called I AM WOLF. Let me know what you think.

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