Thursday, September 9, 2010

Structure in a story

Structure in a story is a theme right now in my life. James has been teaching me how to make a story tighter and how to bring out the main plot even when there might be several smaller side stories going on. His wisdom in this has been sooo valuable.

What is structure and what makes a plot work? When we are writing, we often say things like working with an outline will hinder my creativity. I myself can't work off an outline. However, I have learned that putting one together when your finished will give a clearer look at what has been created and helps in the editing process. I myself am working on one with I AM WOLF, if for no other reason than so make sure James and I are on the same page. (no pun intended...well maybe...) He will be receiving this today. It is something I have just learned. I hope it makes it easier for both of us.

The reason for this is because when you are being edited, there are a lot of changes that take place. The story may be GREAT, but any writer worth his or her salt in words knows that changes will be made and an editor is a necessity. It's that second set of eyes that sees things where we, the lowly writers-don't.

The point is this, while characterization and description are a huge part to what makes a story GREAT, if the plot doesn't work, or the structure is wrong then no matter how wonderful the story is, it will end up being weak.

I recommend always listening to your editor, they are only trying to make it work and writing an outline either before or after. If for no other reason then to make sure you both know what's going on...smiles...just a little something new...smiles...


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