Friday, October 8, 2010

Did I Entertain?

I'm on the last part of editing I AM WOLF. It's a story I'm passionate about and yet I find myself unable to look over the last few chapters. It makes me nervous. You know what I'm talking about. Taking that last step into the unknown. The list of things left to do at this point is dwindling down to nothing and soon I have to let my baby walk on her own.

This is something I have never had to do until now. It's such an odd thing, watching it grow from an idea to a what if. From a what if to a plot and from a plot to a full blown novel with living breathing beings in a world I created. Seems like such a proud and sad moment. I keep seeing small things that should be added, so I add them. I also keep wondering if the story as a whole will be loved by those out there as much as it is by me.

I know that is a lot to ask, and even a lot to accept, but I can't help it. I AM WOLF is a part of me. I think it always has been. Now, after all is said and done. I guess what I worry about the most is the answer to the one true question, did I entertain you the reader? That is now and always remains the single most important question. I hope the answer to that is yes, dear reader. I hope that you cringe and laugh when you read it. I hope you see a bit of yourselves and maybe even a little of your friends. Above all, I hope...yes, I hope above all else that I have entertained.

Let me know what you think. I will be posting a little more at the end of next week. By that time, it will be ready to walk on it's own to a publisher, whichever one Chamein deems fit.

I bid you all, a fond hello, and can't wait for you to let me he he

Your ever faithful writer,

Joann Buchanan


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