Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

There was blood on the moon the night we met. His mystic eyes and magical pull made me stand so still I forgot to breathe. He spoke to my soul without saying a word. My head, dizzy, knees quivered and oh such sweet butterflies filled my stomach. He stepped close, gliding across the ground. So surreal I was sure it was nothing more than a dream.

A whisper of sweet tender love swept through me. I wanted to ask him who he was but couldn't speak. With a wave of his hand, he motioned me towards him and I, oh I could not resist for it was me he wanted.
My body quivered when his cold hand touched my face. Still he said nothing. My pulse quickened sending my mind into a haze of longing and a desire for nothing else except to feel his hands carress my mind...all of me.

He looked deep into my eyes, taking me on a wild ride within the soul. He asked but one question,

"Do you want me?"

 "Yes," I replied in just a whisper.

"For how long?" he asked.

"As long as I can have you." I was afraid to say more for fear of driving him away.

"How about forever?"

The songs of angels filled my head when he leaned in closer. 'My God, how beautiful you are. How can I resist?'

His lips were cold, soft and tender. The slightest brush sent me into flight. I couldn't think, only taste. Look but don't touch didn't apply and I no longer cared about where my soul ended up. I just wanted to feel his tender touch.

His hands were as cold as his lips when he ran them along my side,  but I didn't want to escape his grasp. I knew him then, I've always known him and now after a lifetime of waiting he was here in front of me, sending my being into bursts of flames.

He kissed me along my neck and I felt him breathe me in...all of me. This moment was mine.

"I have watched you for a long time," he said. "Waited until you were ready for me."

I spoke not a word, but let him take me as far into heaven as we were allowed. I felt his hands carress my breast, sending tiny electric shocks through out my body. Seperated only by the cotton I wore, I moaned and asked for more.

One by one I felt my buttons come undone and his tender cold lips were upon my bare skin. I arched my back, craving just a single touch from him inside of me. His mouth brushed against my thigh sending me into a state of glorious expectation. I felt two tiny needle pricks on my inner thigh, the pain and intoxicating touch forced me to drag him up to me. His touch was now mine and I wrapped my entire body around his. We moved the same, insync with one another.

My body screamed for more. A single explosion went off in my body, stronger and more powerful than anything I had ever felt and still it didn't matter because I wanted more. I needed more. I felt a bite on my neck and he pulled back a little.

"How long do you want me?" he asked again.

"Forever," I cried out in revelation.

Our bodies still moving, he kissed my neck again and flew me higher into the heavens. Still I yearned for more. I felt another bite on my neck.

"Then forever it is," he said.

I felt my pulse slow. My body fought to stay in the middle of the pain and exploding joy it felt. I surrendered to him in the last moment. I felt him arch his body forward as he let go of all he held in just to please me.

I moaned and passed out in his cold arms. When I woke, my body was as cold as his. "You're mine forever now," he said.

"I know," I replied. "I'm so hungry."

He gave me a smirk. "Let's go hunting," he said.

In the dark of night we walked through the park. My thirst was overpowered by my deep desire to feel him again. Always him. Always has been and always will be...just him.


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