Friday, February 25, 2011

Letter to Mother Nature About her cruel child called Jack Frost

Dear Mother Nature,

While I understand the need to go on vacation from time to time, I must in good conscious ask you this question. Is it necessary to leave Winter in charge? I mean really, Jack Frost has been nothing more than an unruly child with a very serious need for a time out.

I know we all raised our children as we see fit. However, mine do not feel the need to throw ice at my head nor do they feel the need to hold me hostage in my home while pelleting my house with snow.

We have a serious problem here and are in desperate need for your assistance. Please put Jack Frost in a long time out so that he may learn that everything doesn't need to be covered in ice and snow.

Though we humans do enjoy a bit of the fluffy white stuff covering the world. We do also miss the warm sun and your beautiful flowers. Please keep this in mind when you go on your next vacation.


Joann (human)


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Here here Time out for Jack is a very good idea!

Joann Hamann-Buchanan said...

LMAO...I know right. I'm soo ready for Spring! Fresh flowers, beautiful sun light and oh let's not forget the cute clothes we get to wear again...I can hear them calling my name, saying "I miss being out of the closet." lmao

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