Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Uderlying Themes


The underlying theme in this one is the duality of man. We all have good and evil inside us. It is often brought out through our actions. It is in those actions we should be difined by.

Ralph, my protagonist, is an already disturbed person when he comes across Tibolt's clan. He is a schizophrenic poacher who has an invisiable girlfriend. She is the reflection of what is going on in his psyche. With each change he goes through and every step he takes towards the darker side of himself, she changes. Those changes are often not so obvious in real society. I wanted him to show what evil is and can be.

The evil of this world is not always black and white. It's the little white lies we tell ourselves about our lives in order to make it bareable. For Ralph, his little white lies was simple. He was normal, it's everyone else who was crazy.

On the same token, I wanted my heros to be flawed. For this reason, Jonah is impetuious and angry. He is a teen in a new town. Even though he is from there, he doesn't remember it. I wanted to show that a hero doesn't have to be prefect. He just has to make better choices. He has to fight the darkness that is raging within his soul in order to kill that which he created.


This one is all about betrayal. There are so many levels of betrayal that affect us on a daily basis. Some of them we don't know about until it's too late. While others, well they are so obvious it's hard to miss them. Betrayal is something that should kill us, and yet we wake up the next day still feeling the scar. I think in a way it does. The cracks in the soul are never really repaired and the doubt that's created through the seeds are often more dramatic than the termoil that is going on around you.

In this book, my protagonist is a new comer named Cleo. She is a part of the moon clan known as the Shakya. The females of the clan have this uncanny ability to attract anyone they choose. It is from those seeds the vine of doubt sprouts from. I really wanted to explore the different levels of this single word through my characters. It is something I think we can all relate to.

We've all had friends who have betrayed us. We have all wondered if we are still sexy to our spouse. We have even told confidences we were not supposed to share. We have kept secrets from those we trust the most. Betrayal, it should kill us. I know I said that, but it really is true.

I wanted my hero in this to question his love for the girl in his life. Not because he really questioned it, but because an outside influence forced him to. Real love is never perfect. It is flawed because we are flawed. It holds onto the guilt we feel when we hurt those we love.


The last book is about the renewal of faith. Faith in those around us and in ourselves. Faith in a power greater than ourselves. The whole of it all is simple. We often experience things without knowing why. Some of us learn and move on. While others fight an internal battle to free ourselves from that which has us.

My protagonist is the single entity behind all of the occurances. His name is Asmodeus. He is the demon king and the epitome of all evil. Even his love is twisted and tainted. That really is all I can say about this one. I have to write it still.


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